Weber Genesis E-320

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Weber Genesis Cover And Accessories

Weber also has a great range of accessories to help you make the best use of your barbeque and keep it looking and cooking great!

Weber Genesis E And S Series Cover
Premium Cover

Since most barbeques will spend much of their life outside, a cover is an essential addition to help stop the weather and dust spoiling the appearance of your Weber Genesis gas grill. This quality cover is made from heavy-duty vinyl and has long sides and a fitted center to protect Genesis E and S series grills from the elements. For a recommended retail price of around $55, a cover is a wise choice.


Weber E And S Series RotisserieAdd a rotisserie to your Weber Genesis E or S series grill and enjoy healthier barbequed chicken and other meats. The use of a rotisserie allows much of the unhealthy fat in meats to drain away while it slowly rotates, cooking to perfection on your grill. The rotisserie has a RRP of about $90.

Griddle Plate

Weber Genesis E And S Series ( pre 2011) Griddle PlateA griddle plate is available for all models prior to the 2011 model of the Genesis E and S series grills. The griddle is constructed of the same tough pocelain-enemeled cast-iron as the Flavorizer bars for a long life and excellent heat retention. The griddle plate comes at a RRP of $65.