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Weber Genesis E-320

A Bit Of Weber History

Way back in 1952, George Stephen turned a metal buoy he was making at Weber Brothers Metal Works into a barbecue grill which revolutionized the industry. The Weber kettle barbecue appeared in the shape we still know today in 1956. The shape has changed little but has gone through many variations in style and fuel types over the past fifty years.

Evolution Of The Weber barbecue
Weber Kettle 1952Weber Kettle 1956Weber Kettle 1965 Ranger
Original Weber Kettle
The Weber Kettle
Weber Kettle 1966 Wishing WellWeber Kettle 1967 SevilleWeber Kettle 1971 Gas
"Wishing Well"
        Weber Gas Kettle

Enter The Weber Genesis Gas Grill (1985)

More than 30 years later and Weber introduced the Genesis gas grill and set a new standard in barbecue grills. The Weber Genesis uses an innovative system of carefully angled metal bars to distribute heat more evenly and guide drippings away from the food resulting in easier cleaning and less flare-ups.

Genesis E-320 Grill Features (2011)

The Weber Genesis® E-320 continues the tradition of excellence with with an exceptional range of useful features including:

Genesis E-320 Cart Features

Naturally, a wonderful cooking tool deserves a wonderful platform to work from so the cart includes features such as:
This cart is as pleasing to look at as it is practical. The doors are painted to match the grill color while the frame, end panels and rear panels are painted in a gray which complements the feature color perfectly.

Color Selection

The LP (propane) grill is available in black, copper and green while the NG (natural gas) version is available in black. The NG grill comes complete with a 10 foot flexible gas hose.

The Weber Warranty

The warranty Weber has on it's Genesis range shows great confidence in the product. The warranty includes:

In My Opinion... is difficult to go past any Weber barbecue and the Genesis E-320 is no exception. With stunning looks, reliability and the size to cook a decent meal for a family or group of friends without going overboard this grill stands head and shoulders above its competition.

Searching various forums, it is difficult to come up with any real criticisms which have not been taken care of between one generation of Genesis barbecues and the next. Most comments are from satisfied users who are happy to sing the praises of the E-320.

My Rating

Build Quality star star star star star
Customer Satisfaction star star star star half star
Performance star star star star
Value star star star star half star

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